Circular Looms

At BulkPack Exports Ltd. we not only take care off the quality of our products but also keep in mind the health and safety of our people. Our circular woven looms are therefore with a minimum noise level possible and ear plugs are provided to every loom operator so that we get the maximum efficiency from them. The bobbins/cones are directly taken out from the trolley placed in the creel/shuttle of the loom to avoid any kind of manual handling of the cones.

We have 10 Six Shuttle circular woven looms, also specially designed and developed by Lohia Starlinger for manufacturing the heavy-GSM fabric for Bulk bags.This design ensures less friction of tapes while the loom is running, thereby providing us maximum tape & fabric strength in the final fabric. They have special photo-cell sensors to detect and avoid any kind of weaving fault in the fabric, which gives us perfect quality fabric for our FIBCs. We can produce a maximum fabric width of 1.25 meters tube (2.50 meters lay flat) in 10*10 mesh (10 tapes horizontally and 10 tapes vertically in one square inch).

We also have a battery of 32 four shuttle looms, out of which 28 looms are from GCL India Ltd. and the rest four looms are from Lohia Starlinger. We can produce a maximum fabric width of 80cm tube (1.60 meters lay flat) and 65cm tube (1.30 meters lay flat) fabric respectively in these looms. These looms facilitate us to produce the small woven sacks and other accessories of the Bulk bags, while our 6 shuttle looms are engaged in the Bulk bags. In the near future, we also plan to go for some 8 Shuttle looms to manufacture higher width fabric (up to 2.20 meter fabric tube or 4.40 meter lay flat) for the Circular woven bulk bags.

Needle Looms

We have an in-house facility to make our own webbing for all kinds of Bulk bags. The maximum width that we can produce is up to 50mm, which is normally used in our cross corner loop design to give the maximum possible coverage of the fabric to the loop.

The webbing when comes out of the needle loom is winded in rolls to avoid any kind of damage or loss of strength due to ill handling. Necessary precautions are taken to keep the webbing absolutely clean since it gives a sense of cleanliness to the final Bulk bag.

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