Container bags

This is a single bag for a container, where customers can fill the material directly in to the bag. The container liners has air vent, fill spout and discharge spout facilities.

There is an advantage of using this liner as we can save on handling and labour cost. The container can be tilted and discharge the material by gravitation. The entire container liner area can be cleaned using vacuum cleaner and make contamination free container liner.


Container liner bag used for transporting the bulk quantity of material it means 10MT in 1 x 20' or 20MT in 1 x 40'container. By using this container bag we can save the cost of packaging or in other words where we are using 40 No. of bulk bag for transporting the material we can use only one container liner bag, so we can save the packaging cost as well as handling cost of material. This bag are use mainly for transporting the granulated/powdered material.


The container liner bag is design as per the container size(1 x 20' or 1 x 40'). Container liner bag has inlet and outlet spout. The fabric used for this bag is coated polypropylene for body and double layer fabric for front and back of bag. It has No. of looms on the top by which we can fix this bag inside the container.

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