Single Loop Bags

The Portabulk® Single loop FIBC is an alternative to the conventional 4 loop FIBC and is comparatively very cost effective.

It can be used to handle a wide range of powdered and granulated bulk material. These are normally with 1 or 2 loops and have the low cost advantage for the end users in terms of handling, storage and transportation.

Lifting Mechanism
  • Single Loop Lift
  • Two Loop lift
Bottom Features
  • Plain sewnbottom
  • Square bottom
  • Square bottom with the discharge

The end users have to their advantage of handling up to six Single loop FIBCs by a forklift as compared to normally one 4 loop FIBC. As compared to a conventional 4 loop FIBC, a Single or a two loop FIBC can be stacked up to several levels, depending on the handling equipment, storage and transport conditions. This not only enables a better utilization of space but also allows a higher storage capacity in less cost. Like the other FIBCs these single and two loop FIBCs are also suitable to be transported in rail, road and trucks.

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