IMAGINE, LIFE WITHOUT COLOURS!!! At Bulkpack Exports Ltd. we believe that it is as important to have a nice printing on the bag as it is important for the bag to work. In fact, a good printing not only looks attractive but changes the look of the bag itself.

To cater to the printing requirement of our clients, we have a three colour printing machine specially developed to print on the Bulk bag fabric. It can print up to a maximum width of 1.20 meters and a maximum length of 2.00 meters. The rollers of this machine are specifically designed to print on the heavy GSM fabric with a good speed to have maximum possible prints in shortest duration.

We also have a printing facility for the small woven sacks and even there we can print up to three colours at a time. The ink used while printing is as per the specific requirement of our clients and are normally pantone shade.

One of the special printing works that we have done for one of our clients in the USA is “CAMOFLAGE” print on a Baffle bag, which is one of its kinds in the FIBC industry. Such achievements not only give a confidence to our clients on us but also make them believe that they can relay on our company for all their Bulk bag requirements.

We are also one of the first companies in the World who is trying to gain success in an extremely complex multi colour printing of MOSY OAK for one of our very special clients in the USA. We have great pleasure in being a part of this challenge, where all Bulk bag manufacturers round the Globe are unsuccessful and we firmly believe that it is because these challenges we have come a long way.

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