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Geo Textiles

BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE can supply high quality Geo synthetic products produced on SULZER looms with a maximum width up to 5.4 meters which holds a good market presence. In a very short span of time BULK PACK EXPORTS emerged as a leading brand in geotextile segment across the globe.

BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE is an organization born out of this very philosophy, using state of the art technology, process and infrastructure, combined with world class professionals and human resources.

BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE is committed to provide its expertise through its quality products in Civil engineering applications, Environmental protection work and various Industrial applications.

  • BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company located in central INDIA with advantageous geographical location.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE is now the benchmark for the industry with its innovative products created with the world class facilities.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE products are mainly distinguished for its superior QUALITY along with efficient technical services.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE works on 360 Degree improvement basis, all we mean is shortest lead time and greater flexibility in product line to meet the growing demand and changing needs.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE serves with unmatched quality, dedicated work force in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE will prevent two soil layers of different particle sizes from mixing with each other


BULK PACK EXPORTSGEOTEXTILE will efficiently collect superfluous water from structures, such as rainwater or surplus water, from the soil and discharge it


BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE is used to reinforce earth structures by means of fill materials. Thanks to their high soil fabric friction coefficient and high tensile strength, they are an ideal reinforcement solution


BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE is an ideal interface for reverse Filtration in the soil. In all soils water allows ne particles to be moved. Part of these particles will be halted at the filter interface; some will be halted within the filter itself while the rest will pass into the drain. The complex needle punched structure of the BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE enables the retention of ne particles without reducing the permeability of the drain.


BULK PACK EXPORTS GEO TEXTILE is an ideal protection from erosion of earth embankments by wave action, currents or repeated drawdown. A layer of BULK PACK EXPORTS GEOTEXTILE can be placed so as to prevent leaching of fine material. They can be used for rock beaching or as mattress structures. They can even easily be placed under water


BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven Geotextiles can be sub divided into different categories depending upon their production processes. As their name implies, they are manufactured on Sulzer Looms by adopting techniques which are similar to weaving usual clothing textiles. This type has the characteristic appearance of two sets of parallel threads or yarns the yarn running along the length is called warp and the one perpendicular is called weft. BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven Geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene which is manufactured in the form of extruded tape or multifilament as per the requirement. BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven Geotextiles are available in three types 1 ) Tape by Tape 2 ) Polypropylene multifilament

  • BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven geotextile fabrics strive to provide dimensional stability and deliver superior load distribution.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven geotextile is used for sub base reinforcement in roads, ltration & drainage media in roads & retaining walls, slope protection, erosion control structures, ground stabilization, landscaping, etc
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven geotextile has excellent chemical resistance to the environment.
  • BULK PACK EXPORTS Woven geotextile combines filtration properties with high water permeability.
  • Paved and unpaved Roadways
  • Railways
  • Flood control
  • Landfills
  • Tunnels
  • Landscaping
  • Construction works
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