We provide a range of accessories, manufactured in-house, for the FIBCs ranging from Safe Working Load of 500KG to 2,500 KG and Safety factor 5:1 (Single-trip) and 6:1 (Multi-trip). These accessories include:

Top Attachment

We produce a variety of spouts for the filling feature of the FIBCs as per the specific need for a particular industry. These spouts are designed in various sizes to cater the specific filling requirements of our customers and the end users. They can be tied in two different manner ensure that there is no contamination in the FIBC and the material inside is neat, clean, safe and secure.

  • Rope tie
  • Velcro tie
Bottom Attachment

Another variety of spouts are produced to cater to the specific bottom discharge requirements of the FIBC users. These spouts are one of the very important aspects of the FIBCs since they are the ones to hold the material and bear the pressure of the bulk material inside the FIBCs. It is our endeavor to produce these spouts with the fabric of required strength since any negligence at this part can cause damage to the whole bag while handling. Like the top spouts, they can also be tied in two ways to minimize any pertaining risk for the material inside the bulk bag.

  • Rope tie
  • Velcro tie

It is difficult to produce FIBCs that work without the right webbing since it is as essential to put the right webbing as it is to use the right fabric. One of our very popular accessories is the webbing for the FIBCs for both the Corner loop and Cross corner loop FIBC designs. We can produce webbing with a maximum width of 50mm, which is the maximum required by the industry.

We are planning to purchase machines that will allow is to produce these webbings with a maximum width of 80mm. These webbings are produced in different colours to give an attractive look to the FIBCs as per the specific requirements of our customers. These webbings may be used for various applications in the FIBCs:

  • Loops of the FIBCs
  • Parameter band of the FIBCs
  • Belly band of the FIBCs
Filler Cord

We also produce our in-house filler cord for the Sift proof seams, also known as the dust proof seams and offer the same to our clients as the accessories. This filler cord is made from polypropylene material and is 100% recyclable even when it is used in the FIBCs. These filler cords are specially made to offer a total dust proof solution to our customers around the Globe.

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