Baffle bags/Q-Bags

The Baffle bag also very popularly known as the Q-Bag is a wonder in the FIBC industry.

The bag is made in a manner to provide most cost-effective solution for Bulk Packaging to the end users who are using such bags. The making of the bag is such that it gives a considerable benefit to the user while transporting and storing the Bulk material.

General benefits of a Baffle/Q-bags

  • Prevents the Bulk bag from bulging
  • Bag remains a square instead of having a circular foot print
  • Cost effective in transportation and storage
  • Less Packaging, Transport, Storage & Handling cost
  • Improved stability of the packaging, enabling more safety stacking
  • Better overall Visual effect
Top Features/Filling

Baffle Bags are also made with various ways of filling the bulk material depending on the kind of industry in which they’re being used. These various types include:

  • Open top
  • Spout top
  • Duffle top
Bottom Features/Discharge
  • Closed bottom (without any discharge)
  • Spout discharge (with / without protection)

The material may be discharged from the FIBC through a spout at the bottom.

The discharge spout may have an extended cord for opening the spout where the operator doesn’t have to stand close to the Bulk bags while discharging the material and he may discharge the material standing at a distance from the Bulk bag.

The discharge spout in a Bulk bag may also have a “Star closure” or a “Bonnet closure” to give extra safety to the bottom of the Bulk bags.

Spout discharge may also be with a B-lock, a special locking system that enables the spout to stay intact and bear the extra load of the bulk material in the FIBC.

FIBCs for certain unique / special purpose may have a filling and discharge with a Velcro tie. This gives extra strength to the spout to hold the material inside the FIBC and avoid any kind of a leakage or contamination inside the FIBC. This is also done for easy opening and closing of the discharge for an operator who is using the Bulk bags.

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