PP Woven Sacks

These are the basic polypropylene bags with a loading capacity of up to 50KG material. They are offered with PP/LDPE Lamination inside or outside and are used for cement/fertilizer packing in India and other developing nations.

These sacks can be with printing of a logo or packed product’s specifications. They are normally not UV Stabilized, for outdoor protection, but may be done as per the customer requirements.

  • Strong and lightweight 
  • Water resistant
  • More tear resistant than paper
  • Ideal for resisting rough handling conditions
  • Keeps its strength when in contact with water

They are totally custom designed and may be with valves for automatic filling and with a polyethylene liner stitched inside for moisture and spillage protection. The liners may be loosely inserted or stitched at the bottom of the bag. There is always an option available to laminate these bags inside/outside, depending upon the customer’s requirement and the application for which they are being used.

These bags may be produced in different colours and they may be printed in various colours as per the choice of the customers. The can vary from 700 Denier to 1000 Denier fabric, depending upon the weight they are intended to be used for. The mesh of the fabric can be anywhere from 9*9 to 11*11, depending upon the kind of material customer wants to fill in these bags. The small woven polypropylene bags are quite useful to carry small load of material and are very easy to handle, which is the reason they are quite popular in the developing nations.

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