Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) or Bulk Bags (as it is popularly known today) are giant size bags in a box or a drum shape.

These bags are made of high tenacity Polypropylene (PP) tapes of 6.0 GPD made from PP granules and are UV stabilized with certain additives. They also have certain other additives such as Optical brightener & TiO2 to give more shine to these bulk bags. They are produced in a range of capacities from 250KG Safe Working Load to 2500KG Safe Working Load with a Safety Factor 5:1 (Single trip) OR 6:1 (Multi trip), depending upon the density of the bulk material that is handled in these bags. These bags are 100% tailor made to meet the specific requirements of the end users depending upon the kind of Industry they are used in.

At Bulk Pack we provide a wide range of these Bulk bags to meet today’s diverse packaging requirements. We offer them with different sizes, strengths, fabric weight, loop designs, top and base designs, inner liner or lamination (outside / inside of these bags) and various printing options with 1 to 4 colours on each side. We can do a maximum up to 4 colour printing on our Bulk bags as per the customer’s requirements. Our FIBCs are made in different colours and we can use multi-colour webbing to give them a different and a unique look all together.

3.5 Million FIBCs / Bulk Bags & 0.5 Million PP Woven Sacks Small PP Woven per annum!!!!

We produce Bulk bags for almost all applications in the industry for the end users round the Globe AND, AS A STRICT POLICY WE DON’T SELL DIRECTLY TO THE END USERS!!!! WE SELL TO THE DISTRIBUTERS, WHO IN-TURN SELL TO THE END USERS THEN. The concept of bulk packaging revolves around environmental aspects, apart from reducing the cost of packaging and faster handling of the bulk material. Cleanliness, Hygiene and other basic environment friendly atmosphere is a key factor in Bulk Pack. Systematically designed and laid out Work Stations, neat and clean environment, skilled and dedicated quality-oriented workmen, all lead to a high product quality and a complete customer satisfaction for our clients across the Globe.


  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Fertilizers
  • Polymers
  • Fillers
  • Minerals
  • Cement
  • Food Grains
  • Agri-produce
  • Building Materials
  • Asbestos Disposal
  • Chemicals
Standard FIBCs

Standard FIBCs are the bulk bags used for fulfilling the very basic requirement for Bulk Packaging for any end user. They normally range from 250 KG to 2000 KG SWL (Safe Working Load) and are manufactured with a Safety Factor of 5:1 (Single trip) or 6:1 (Multi trip) usage. These very standard and basic FIBCs / Bulk Bags can be manufactured in two types of Lifting designs:

Lifting Mechanism
Corner Loop lifting

U-2 Panel design: A very basic design where the belt of the FIBC is stitched along the seams on both sides. These bags are also known as the Corner loop bags since the belt only goes along the corners of the bag. Normally such bags are made in U+2 panel design where the body fabric of the bag makes the U-panel and there are 2 side panel fabrics put on the other 2 sides of the bulk bags.

Cross Corner Loop lifting

Circular woven design: A Bulk bag which is specifically designed to hold the loop up (also known as self-standing loops) for their easy access by the fork lift. The belt is stitched on the fabric and a special reinforcement on the fabric is done on the area where the belts are stitched. A bag with such a design is popularly known as Cross corner loop bag as the loops are crossing the corners of the Bulk bag. Such bags are extremely easy to put on a Fork Lift due to their design with self-standing lifting loops and are very popular in Countries like Australia and USA.

Top Features / Filling

FIBCs are made with various ways of filling the bulk material depending on the kind of industry in which they’re being used. These various types include:

  • Open top
  • Spout top
  • Duffle top
Bottom Features / Discharge
  • Closed bottom (without any discharge)
  • Spout discharge (with / without protection)

The material may be discharged from the FIBC through a spout at the bottom.

The discharge spout may have an extended cord for opening the spout where the operator doesn’t have to stand close to the Bulk bags while discharging the material and he may discharge the material standing at a distance from the Bulk bag.

The discharge spout in a Bulk bag may also have a “Star closure” or a “Bonnet closure” to give extra safety to the bottom of the Bulk bags.

Spout discharge may also be with a B-lock, a special locking system that enables the spout to stay intact and bear the extra load of the bulk material in the FIBC.

FIBCs for certain unique / special purpose may have a filling and discharge with a Velcro tie. This gives extra strength to the spout to hold the material inside the FIBC and avoid any kind of a leakage or contamination inside the FIBC. This is also done for easy opening and closing of the discharge for an operator who is using the Bulk bags.

Top Parameter Band / Belly Belt

A special band is put along the top seam of the Bulk bag known as a Top Parameter Band to strengthen the loops of the Bulk bag and give more strength to the whole bag. This band allows the loops to hold on to the fabric and bear the pressure on the very top part where the seam between the belt and the fabric is over and the loop of the Bulk bag just begins.

Similarly, there can be a Belly Belt in the middle of the Bulk Bag that holds the bag from bulging at the middle part of the bag and doesn’t allow it to bulge. This can be sometimes very essential as it can help the end user to put the required number of Bulk bags inside the truck side by side, which sometimes becomes difficult if the Bulk bag is bulging too much.

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