Conical bags

These are special FIBCs with a conical shape filling and discharge feature for certain special applications in some industries.

The compact filling and discharge allow the material to go directly where it needs to be stored without any spillage since the conical mouth of the bag is perfectly fixed in the respective equipment. These bags are specifically used in the industries where bulk material is transported, stored and handled in the powdered form.


 The conical bag is designed specifically to assist in complete discharge of material filled inside the Bulk bag, which are slightly sticky (like brown sugar). This bag has advantage over bottom spout bag where the material is sticky.


The Conical bag is designed as per the customer’s requirement. It has a cone bottom. The bottom cone shape and size depend on density of material filled inside the Bulk bag. To facilitate use and transportation of the bag, different options are available for filling, discharging and lifting and even the closure at the discharge.

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