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We have two extrusion lines, one from JP Industries and the new one from Lohia Starlinger, who are in collaboration with the Starlinger of Austria.

Our latest extrusion line is one of its kinds in the Country, which can produce tape up to 6.5 GPD (Grams per Denier) giving us an average strength of 5,700KG in our “1000KG Safe Working Load, 5:1 Safety Factor” Bulk bag. In fact, it is very much to the advantage of the company that we are the only Bulk bag manufacturers who can produce tape with such a high strength. This state of the art plant has been specially designed and developed for us by Lohia Starlinger to manufacture Bulk bags up to 3000KG Safe Working Load or 8:1 Safety Factor.

It has always been our priority to achieve maximum strength possible in our tapes for which we have introduced certain quality standards at this very first level of manufacturing Bulk bags. Temperature at every point of the extrusion line is controlled along with the most suitable stretch ratio between the godded rollers to give maximum strength to our tapes. Magnetic and Electronic functioning of the winders give an accurate winding to the tapes so that we get a perfectly smooth fabric, when they are used in our looms, in form of bobbins/cones.

A quality report is prepared for each lot coming out of the extrusion line every 20 minutes (approximately 200 bobbins/cones) in which we check the denier and GPD for at least 20 cones in the lot and the denier variation between each of these cones. We even have a special trolley system to handle and distribute these cones in order to avoid any loss of strength in our tapes due to the friction that may happen while handling and distributing them.

The strength in our tapes not only helps us to produce Bulk bags with low GSM as compared to our competition but also give us a recognition World wide. We firmly believe that we are the only Bulk bag manufacturer who produce tapes of 6.5 Grams per Denier (GPD) strength with such high quality standards to fulfill extra ordinary requirements of our clients round the Globe.

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