It is the technical expertise of our company to finish the Bulk bag in such a way that we achieve maximum strength possible. The combination of fabric and the webbing is stitched in such a way that the final Bulk bag performs with the required capabilities to carry the load. We have all kinds of stitching machines such as Armstrong, Union special and Jukki to take care of various stitching requirements for side stitch seams, cross corner loops and even heavy fabric with parameter band and sift proof seams. We are one of the very few Bulk bag manufacturers who stitch the bags with both Heracle and safety stitch to give extra strength to our Bulk bags.

One of the most important aspects that we keep in mind while making our Bulk bags is recycling of them after they have been used. We therefore use only Polypropylene multifilament yarn to make them so that they are 100% recyclable and the bag can be processed to the granule form again after use. Multifilament yarn not only gives the required strength to the bag but also appeals to the eye when the bag is finished and being used.

The fabric spouts and baffles are cut in a different section with an automatic cutting machine and certain special equipments are used (developed by our team of engineers) to have a perfect cutting of the spouts and baffles. The fabric is checked thoroughly at this stage in order to avoid any kind of loom faults or fabric defect in the final product. The perfectly cut baffles are stitched in the Baffle bags in a way that it not only prevents the bag from bulging after it has been filled but also gives enough room to the material to breathe.

We have an in-house facility to make filler cord (also from Polypropylene material) for the sift proof / dust proof seams in our Bulk bags. We can make Bulk bags with single, double and triple sift proof seams on top, bottom and all sides of the bag to prevent any kind of contamination of any foreign material. In fact, a Baffle bag with a triple sift proof seam on top, bottom and all sides of the bag is one of our very specialized and unique products amongst our clients in the USA.

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